Monday, February 25, 2013

Pokémon Bentos - Gotta eat 'em All!

Today I packed Pokémon lunches for my school-bound sproutlets!

Pickle got a Pokéball peanut butter sandwich:

Pickle also had yogurt, juice, and a cookie, not pictured.
Beanstalk & Bella got LunchBots bento boxes.

Beanstalk's Trio contains:
  • a Pokéball apple
  • honey ham rolled & skewered with Pokémon picks
  • Veggie Stix
  • almonds in a LunchBots Dips cup

Bella's Quad contains:
  • grape tomatoes with a Pikachu cupcake pick
  • turkey, cheddar & white cheddar tortilla roll-ups with a Skitty cupcake pick
  • carrots & califlower
  • almonds in a LunchBots Dip cup
● ● ● ● ●

Beanstalk & Bella love Pokémon. They even dressed as Pokémon trainers Ash & Dawn last Hallowe'en:

I dedicate today's lunches to my friend Nina of Mamabelly's Lunches with Love, who I know has also waffled over whether or not to post unsatisfactory photos of otherwise cute lunches  I can't wait for my "real" camera to be repaired, the iPhone just isn't cutting it! Not in my hands anyways :)

I bet Bella loved her lunch, but I'm glad I had those cupcake picks to add an instant Pokémon theme so easily! Saved me from having to attempt something more skill-testing like the bentos my friend Keith of Oh!Bento makes ;) Click the pics below to visit his blog - Gotta catch 'em all!

● ● ● ● ●

Today's lunches featured:


  1. Anonymous2/25/2013

    They're so cool!!! I love the pokeball sandwich!
    I want to dress like a pokemon trainer!

    And you definitely have the skills! Oh and thank you for the link ^.^

  2. I cannot wait for spring and more sunshine in the mornings which means better light for taking lunch pictures :)
    Your pictures came out great and in the end it is the 10 inches behind the camera that is important for taking great pictures not the camera itself ;)
    Now I just have to make sure none of my kids see your awesome Pokeball - because otherwise they want some too!

  3. Aww so cute! I'm glad you posted because I love them :D Your kids and your lunches rock!

  4. We love Pokemon here too! I will definitely need to try out your poke ball peanut butter sandwich! It looks super easy and fun!

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. How creative! My kid would love this (and so would I). :)


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