Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bento Kid: Go Green of Hearts

Bella packed her own Go Green Lunch Box today 

She made a turkey & cheese butter croissant sandwich, chopped some Galia melon, speared some grape tomatoes with heart picks,  and stacked some Fig Newtons & a sugar cookie. She emptied a Trix yogurt into the small square, and filled her drink bottle with blueberry juice. I added the spoon for the yogurt, and when she wasn't looking, the foil-wrapped chocolate heart for a surprise :)

I her lunch!

Today I'm hosting a Bento Kids Link Party! I invite everyone to add any lunches their kidlets have packed :) The party lasts all year, so if your little one hasn't made a lunch yet but does some time later,  you can link up then! The link party's happening on my Bento Kids! page - the button below will take you there.  I hope you can join us 

Some stuff used in this lunch:


  1. Awww, I love her bento~ And the box is super, too!

  2. With the heart, the croissant looks like a big hug! ♥


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