Thursday, February 21, 2013

Taking It Easy

I've had flu this week, so the sproutlets have either packed their own lunches - and not bothered with photos - or had school lunch. I'm a bit better today, and back to making lunch - but I'm still taking it easy :)

Beanstalk's Lock & Lock bento box contains exactly what he asked for - ham, space goldfish crackers, half an apple, & two Oreos (in an EasyLunchboxes Mini Dipper). I chose the sword and Eat Me picks for fun. He can't call those too cute can he? I don't think so...

Bella asked for a "plain" turkey & cheddar croissant sandwich. The cheese inside is actually cut in a big heart shape - I know she'll look too, to make sure it's "plain" :)  On the side she has canteloupe and a sliced roma tomato. In the heart mini muffin cups she has a marshmallow and some dried strawberries.

I know, Valentine's Day is over... but I like hearts, and so does my Bella

Some stuff used for these lunches:


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