Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Edible Geekery : Skydiving Judi Dench!

I'm so psyched! Tonight is the season premiere of Psych! My bestest buddy and I just had to make Psych-themed bentos for ourselves - here's mine:

Psych Dual Spires bento lunch

Did you know that Saturday was Twin Peaks Day? (And my Pickle's birthday - but he didn't want a Twin Peaks lunch.) And did you know that Psych did a Twin Peaks parody/tribute episode? Dual Spires :) Damn fine episode! My lunch pays humble homage to that awesomeness.

My LunchBots Duo contains:
  • Pineapple (of course)
  • A cinnamon roll in a pie cup, with a Suck It pick
  • Twin cheddar Douglas Firs atop a salad
  • Cinnamon spiced nuts in a cherry cup...
    because isn't cherry the best?

The epicness of the Dual Spires episode simply cannot be reduced to a clip

If you're a Twin Peaks fan not familiar with Psych, you have just got to see it - and if you're a Psych-o, you already have :)

And while you're waiting for tonight's episode to air, check out my bestie Karen's post at What's In Our Lunch Bags! I believe you'll love it :)

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This lunch features:
ETA: By popular demand, the "Suck It" pick
came from this novelty set:


  1. <3 <3 <3
    Damn fine cider!

  2. This is my favorite post you've done. :) We stayed up late last week to watch, but I didn't think of making a special lunch! Maybe tomorrow...


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