Friday, February 8, 2013

Blue's Clues Snow Yumbox

It's sunny today, and the birds were tweeting like mad this morning. Birdie asked what all that bird noise was, and I told her they were probably all excited because it's beginning to feel like Spring.

"Spring? But we didn't have snow yet! Aw, I wanted it to be snow, hmph." Sorry kid! Too bad you don't live on the East Coast ;)

I promised her a snow lunch instead. She asked if it could be a Blue's Clues snow lunch, in her new Yumbox, and to watch "Blue's Snow" (she means A Snowy Day, an episode on Blue's First Holiday). So that's what she got :

Birdie's Yumbox contains: 
  • cheddar cheese snowflakes
  • hard cooked egg blossom (made with a star egg mold)
  • yogurt with snowflake & blossom sprinkles
  • green grapes on a snowflake cupcake pick
  • Galia melon cut like bite sized snowflakes
  • carrot sticks, one through a Blue cupcake ring
  • little white cheddar cheese sandwich on honey wheat
  • & a couple of candy melts for a sweet treat
She loved it :) 

Some of the stuff used for this lunch:

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  1. This is super cute, Cristi! LOVE the Blue's Clues theme! Good choice, Birdie! Karsyn says she can have some of our snow! ♥ I also really love look of the way the silicone cups take shape in the yumbox divided sections! Too adorable!

  2. Awwww! We STILL love Blue's Clues here!

  3. Gosh....when my kids still toddler, they loved "Blue's Clue" shows! I liked the matching coloured with snow flakes! Nice ^_^


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