Monday, December 3, 2012

It's A Snow Day!

Not a real snow day, just in the sproutlets' lunchboxes :)

And, near tragedy this morning, my camera battery was dead! Okay, so not really a tragedy, but for a moment it felt that way, since I had packed these cute snowflake lunches - then I remembered my phone is a camera too :)

Bella took an EasyLunchbox full of snowflakes shaped Ritz crackers, cheddar cheese, ham & cheddar sandwiches, cucumber slices, and grape tomatoes speared with a snowflake cupcake pick. Sprout took a similar lunch, just less of it, and I forgot to take a pic.

Snowflake EasyLunchboxes bento school lunch

Pickle took a yubo lunchbox packed with his usual peanut butter sandwiches & yogurt. I coloured one yogurt light blue so the snowflake sprinkles would show up, and sprinkled shimmery sprinkles on the other.

Snowflake yubo bento school lunch
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Beanstalk wanted ramen soup. I strained the broth into his Thermos and packed the noodles in the glass dish of his Planetbox Launch - that way they don't get soggy, and he can either add the broth to the noodles or vice versa. He also has apples, Ritz crackers, and holiday shaped fruit snacks (oops, I meant to include some of those in the other sproutlets' lunches but forgot).

Snowflake PlanetBox bento school lunch

It's lunchtime now, and Birdie asked for a snowflake lunch as well. I made her a muffin tin meal. She had Ritz crackers, banana slices speared with a Clifford cupcake pick, a yogurt pretzel, cheese snowflakes, grapes on snowflake cupcake picks, and blue yogurt with snowflake sprinkles.

Clifford's Snow day muffin tin meal

I added the Clifford pick because we just downloaded the Scholastic Storia app for the iPad this morning, and the first book I read with Birdie was Clifford's First Snow Day.  I only bought the one for now though, in case I win the fabulous 20 Storia eBook Giveaway over at What's in Our Lunch Bags? 

Some stuff featured in these lunches:



  1. I love the lunches! I LOVE the Clifford pick! (Oh how much easier that would make my life! LOL!) I love that you plugged the giveaway! I love YOU ... Jerk ;)

  2. Cute! Usually we have snow by now but it's in the 70s today!

  3. So so cute!!! Love all of the festive snowflakes :D

  4. Love it! We don't get snow here in California - both a good and sad thing. Where did you get you snowflake fruit snacks? And the snowflake plunger cutter - the ones I've seen don't have great reviews.

  5. The gummy fruit snacks are Betty Crocker fruit snacks, found at Walmart. The packets have assorted holiday colours & shapes. The snowflake pastry stamp is from a friend so I don't know, sorry.

    1. I am going to see if our walmart has those great fruit snacks!

    2. I hope you can find them! I went to get more yesterday and ours is out :(

    3. And, Aimee, Bento USA All Things For Sale has the snowflake cookie stamp!

  6. I love seeing all these snow flakes! It is unusually warm here and no snow flakes in sight...Thank you also for linking up to my Switch It Up Sandwich Linky!

  7. love these snowflake lunches! super cute and yummy!


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