Friday, November 30, 2012

Lunch for my little Wizard

I wanted to make a lunch with a UK theme today, to go in Bella's new Union Jack lunch bag - but I couldn't find my Union Jack flag picks, and didn't have any particularly British food either, so I went with a Harry Potter theme... after all, Hogwarts is "the best school of wizardry in Great Britain" (according to Hagrid) ... so there's my UK tie-in :) I know my little Potterhead will agree!

Here's Bella's new & already beloved Dabawalla lunch bag, in Union Jack design. It's awesome! It's very roomy, with interior mesh pockets for ice packs & to keep drinks upright, & an exterior pocket for a notebook, a phone, or a small snack. It looks & feels really well-made, of a cool insulating material that's an environmentally friendly alternative to neoprene. And yes, for those who care, our EasyLunchboxes can sit upright on the bottom :) We love it.


I wouldn't call today's bento an amazing example of bento artistry... the theme pretty much came from the cupcake picks... but Bella was pretty excited about it, and that's all that matters :)

 Bella's Harry Potter EasyLunchbox contains:
  • turkey & cheddar tortilla roll-ups
  • red & green grapes
  • baby carrots
  • whole grain Fig Newtons 
  • & cantaloupe "Golden Snitches"
Gotta love inexpensive cupcake picks for a quick & easy theme lunch!

Lunch was packed in:


  1. I want that bag!!! Oh ... and cute lunch ;)

  2. Anonymous11/30/2012

    Such a great idea! Harry Potter is definitely one of the best things to come out of the UK :)

    And Thankyou so much for allowing me to borrow your fan's time :)


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