Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This Lunch Is Out Of This World

My Mia Bella came up with her lunch's theme, chose the ingredients & accessories, & arranged the food, all by herself. Out of this world is right!

Bella's EasyLunchboxes bento contains:
  • a turkey & cheddar sandwich
  • habanero spiced almonds 
  • Fig Newtons 
  • cantaloupe
  • & English cucumber slices
I was really impressed with all the little details! You can't see the other slices of cucumber, but each one has a shape cut out of the center - a star, a planet, and a crescent moon.

She even stamped a star into the top of a Fig Newton and used my food colouring markers to put a smile on her star-shaped sandwich - so cute!

I think she did an amazing job!

Click the flower to see more bentos by Bella

I packed Sprout's Bynto. It's red & green to match the juice box left over from her birthday party on the weekend. Clifford is her kindergarten class mascot. She has some baby carrots & a green apple wedge, Fig Newtons, apple juice, mozzarella string cheese, red grapes, & a mini bagel peanut butter sandwich. 

The space above the juice got filled with reusable ice cubes after I took the pic.

Stuff used for these lunches:

The star sandwich cutter came from Dollar Tree, the crayon & apple from a baking supply shop, and the star silicone cups were a gift from a friend.


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