Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Break!

I hope all who celebrate American Thanksgiving had a happy one! 
We thought ours would be little & quiet since Sailor Boy is away, but some of our Canadian family surprised us with a visit, so our home was filled with love & laughter & no empty chairs. My sweetie was still missed of course, but the sproutlets were sufficiently distracted from moping :)

Pickle loves turkeys - not to eat though, he'd love to have one as a pet! I promised him I would not cook a turkey this year - but I did make him some cruelty-free "turkey" peanut butter sandwiches:

hese would be perfect for a Thanksgiving turkey bento! So easy with a gyoza / dumpling press!

Aren't they cute? They're not MY bright idea though - I copied Bento for Kidlet's clever gyoza / dumpling press turkey sandwich.  Hers is neater though, and doesn't have a wonky eye :) If you wanted to try your hand at making some, this is the gadget I used: Helen's Asian Kitchen Dumpling Press. Perfect for making a leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich bento ;)

Thanksgiving may be over, but it's still Thanksgiving Break! And since I don't have to pack school lunches, I've decided it's a good time to take a break from bento too, and spruce up the blog.

Wish me luck, that I don't make a big mess of it!

In the meantime, if you're doing any online shopping this Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday, here are a few of my favourites to consider adding to your list:

* Disclosure - Those ARE affiliate links, so if you buy any of those things, I do get a referral payment, but, they also really ARE my favorites - I could have linked to anything, right? :)

11/24/13 - Bento for Kidlet now has a tutorial for making these little turkeys! They'd be perfect for a Thanksgiving leftovers turkey bento!  Click the pic to learn how :)


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