Friday, December 21, 2012

Lunch is FRAGILE

Last day of school before Winter Break! Last night I had the idea to make a bar of Lifebuoy soap from watermelon, so I already had part of this made (though I kind of messed it up) when Bella reminded me that they don't need lunches - it's only a half day. Ah well, she can eat it when she gets home :)

A Christmas Story leg lamp bento school lunch
Bella's lunch was inspired by the holiday flick A Christmas Story. She has a FRAGILE (that's frah-gee-lay) leg lamp turkey & cheese sandwich, tomatoes, watermelon, and a mini candy cane. Her spork has a serrated edge on the fork so she can cut her watermelon Lifebuoy soap into chunks herself. 

That's it for school lunches for the year 2012!

Stuff I used tho make this lunch:


  1. Anonymous12/27/2012

    So cute! I've seen lots of these lamps about but I'm still not sure what they are? Haha


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