Thursday, December 6, 2012

Late Lunches

I'm a day behind in posts! I wasn't feeling well yesterday so totally slacked off on all my responsibilites, and when Sailor Boy's away there's no one to pick up my slack,  boo hoo.  So now I've got to catch up on yesterday's laundry and last night's dishes (yuck)...  so that I can get to today's!

Here are yesterday's lunches for Bella & Pickle:

Cucumber wedges & carrots, a ham & cheese panda pocket sandwich, dried strawberries, yogurt pretzels, whole wheat fig newtons, & spiced almonds.

Peanut butter puzzle sandwich (& yogurt, not shown).

There are no photos of today's lunch. I got my days mixed up and looked at Friday's menu on the school lunch calendar, which said pizza, and the sproutlets like pizza...  then on the way out the door Bella asked "Mummy, isn't today Thursday?" "Is it?" I asked myself... Uh-oh! It is! The school lunch is bean burritos, they won't eat those! So it was a mad rush to throw something together and no time for cute lunches or photos of not cute lunches :) 

I guess it's just as well I had yesterday's lunch to post today!

Some stuff used for these lunches:


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