Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lucky Me!

When I came across the Lunchbox Love note shown below I knew it had to go in my Beanstalk's lunch - his name is Jack :) I decided to use my new 4 leafed clover pocket sandwich press to make him a "lucky to have you" lunch.

Beanstalk doesn't like me to get too cute with his lunches, but I pushed my luck with one little panda pick. Pandas are a symbol of good luck & happiness, and I feel very fortunate & happy to have him for a son  ♥ 

His Laptop Lunches bento box contains:
  • a 4 leafed clover peanut butter pocket sandwich
  • spiced almonds
  • yogurt raisins
  • green grapes
  • a checkered apple half
  • 2 pandan wafer straws
  I made Sprout a panda bento in a Japanese bento box:

Her bento box contains:
  • a panda peanut butter pocket sandwich
  • green grapes
  • grape tomatoes
  • baby carrots (underneath)
  • a string cheese (not shown)
I had planned to make panda lunches for Bella & Pickle as well but they opted for the school's pancake breakfast-for-lunch. Lucky me again, less to do :)

Stuff used for these lunches:


  1. Eeep so cute!!! I've been eyeing that panda pocket press and the four leaf clover one!

  2. Love the clover, and the checkerboard apple is fab! I'd say they're awfully lucky to have you, too. :)


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