Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lunch for The Man: So nice he asked for it twice :)

Bella came with me the last time I went grocery shopping and asked if we could get some tomato basil tortillas to try. She didn't care for them though, so Sailor Boy's been getting a lot of tomato basil tortillas in his lunches :)

Roast beef & mayo on tomato basil roll-ups with cherub & sunburst tomatoes, with fresh raspberries & pineapple on the side. I stared at the lunch above thinking "something's missing" for some time before it hit me - I forgot cheese in the roll-ups, what a terrible oversight! I added some cheddar hearts  ♥ 

Déja vu... roast beef roll-ups again :) Sailor Boy actually asked for the same thing 2 days in a row! Well, almost the same thing... these ones have the cheddar in them :) He wanted the same fruit on the side too!  So strange and unlike him - he usually doesn't even like leftovers...

Finally used the last tomato tortilla - yay! - so he got an egg salad sandwich :)

Nothing at all creative about this one, just a normal sandwich, grapes & blueberries - but I think adding a Lunchbox Love note made it special  ♥ 


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