Monday, April 30, 2012

Packed with Love

Bella has whole wheat fig newtons, Annie's Homegrown organic fruit snacks, cauliflower florets, a carrot stick, celery & peanut butter to dip it in, and wedges of sharp cheddar cheese. She's a very helpful girl, always asking what she can do to help, and doing more than her share when cleaning & picking up, so I added a Lunchbox Love note acknowledging that:

Beanstalk's Planet Box is packed with fruit snacks, Cheez-its and Cheese Nips (he said he prefers the Cheese Nips, but we didn't have quite enough left of them), smoked ham, and honeycrisp apple wedges. He likes the facts on the flip sides of the Lunchbox Love notes. I often learn something new from them as well - like this fact about tongue prints - who knew?

Want to add some Lunchbox Love to your little one's day? 

Stuff in these lunches:


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