Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sandwiches - Deconstructed, Bagel, Striped, Grilled

Beanstalk chose what went into his new LunchBots Trio today. He's never asked for salami before... He didn't want it on his bagel though, he wanted it on the side, with string cheese, but not unwrapped - so nothing's touching...picky! In a sense it's a deconstructed salami & cheese sandwich:

I added Pinata apple wedges since Bella wanted some in her lunch. Hers I left unsliced though so I could cut a cute blossom from the peel :) I used the same blossom veggie cutter to cut blossoms into her cucumbers (but instead of adding them to her salad I ate them! bad). 

She also has a ham & cheese blossom bagel sandwich (top not shown) atop a green salad with tomatoes, and some green cauliflower. The cauliflower was called Rainbow but I don't know why, it's just green... 

Pickle's peanut butter is on honey wheat today, in stripes - hope he likes it!

I had an appointment today so Sprout & Birdie got to hang out with their Dad, who took a long lunch to take them bowling!  He was going to get them lunch at the bowling alley (greasy fast food - yuck) but I got there in time to save them - and catch the last few frames of their game too :)

I made them grilled cheese with carrots & apples at home, with the same veggie cutter I used for Bella's lunch and my Blossom Lunch Punch:

Bento Lunch

Stuff I used to make these lunches:


  1. Lovely lunches, I love Bella one best, it's so pretty. :)

  2. We call those sandwich stripes "fingers." When we make eggs over-easy, I cut the toast into fingers for dipping into the yolks! And when I want my nieces to eat wheat bread or something other than plain butter or plain jelly sandwiches, cutting them into strips and calling them peanut-butter-fingers makes it a win!


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