Friday, April 20, 2012

Lunch for the Man : Home & Away

I've been glad to have my Sailor Boy home this past week. His recent trip wasn't a long one by Navy standards, but our hearts don't know the difference; we miss him just as much whether he's gone 2 weeks or 2 months. I'm happy to have one more lunch to make when he comes home :)

Here are a couple of Sailor Boy's recent work lunches:

Strawberries, pretzels & cheese, teriyaki chicken & garlic rice, broccoli & green peppers. Lots of love in this lunch, there are hearts in every section  ♥ Nobody teases him any more. He says :)

Quesadillas made with chicken & peppers left over from fajitas, plus shredded cheese. Organic blueberries (I splurged, they looked so good - and they were!) and strawberry hearts. Have to have that touch of love  ♥

● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

My poor Sailor Boy had no lunches full of love while he was away in Las Vegas. He did have an EasyLunchbox with him though, since I had packed him some airplane food. So he had some fun with it, to make me smile :)

Here is EZ the EasyLunchbox in the hotel, getting ready to hit the Strip.

EZ breaking the rules at the top of the Stratosphere. 
LunchBoxes can't read signs. 

Looking out towards the desert beyond the northern end of the Strip. Sailor Boy was missing me and wishing I was there to see the view with him, so he took pics from every angle (I'll spare you the rest). Poor EZ was feeling pretty empty too, and wishing he had some lunch in him.

Sailor Boy even dragged EZ to Graceland Wedding Chapel where he & I had our wedding ceremony with the "King" :)  EZ was a little embarrassed, people were looking at him funny, so he tried to blend in with the foliage, forcing Sailor Boy to cut off the top of the sign to fit him in the pic.

For more EasyLunchbox fun check out my post from earlier this week: EasyLunchboxes Get Around, and enter my giveaway to win your own set of EasyLunchboxes, plus a cooler bag! 


  1. Love this post! And seriously I don't think David would let me send a lunch like that with all the hearts! but you've inspired me.. I may sneak one in while he isn't looking! ;)

  2. omg. Hysterical. The bathroom shot seems to have smellorama properties. I'm actually catching a whiff of the lovely cologne that EZ was wearing for his big night out on the town. I hope hubby had as good a time as this little guy! :)

  3. I love your bentos for Husband, they're so full of love~
    Also, I laughed hard at the Easy LunchBox trip photos :D


  4. EZ Lunch Box trip...I just love it!

  5. awesome lunches! I voted for you on Bento Blog Network : )


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