Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Domo Bentos

When Pickle came downstairs wearing his Domo t-shirt I decided to put a Domo cupcake ring in his lunch, & since I have several of them, I did the same for his sisters' lunches - adding cupcake rings are an easy way to make them fun. But even though the lunches weren't fancy, I was still rushing to get them ready on time! I'm so out of practice.

Bella's EasyLunchbox contains sunburst & grape tomatoes, baby carrots, grapes, a ham & cheddar burrito, string cheese decorated with a Domo ring, a granola bar (tucked under her cloth napkin), & a Lunchbox Love note.

Sprout's appetite has been small lately. Her Goodbyn Bynto contains strawberries, a mozzarella string cheese through a Domo cupcake ring, lemonade (cloth napkin tucked underneath), Triscuit minis, & honey ham, in silicone cups the perfect depth for the Bynto.

Pickle's Goodbyn Hero contains peanut butter sandwich spirals, cookies, lemonade, yogurt, ice pillows to help keep that section cold, a napkin & spoon through a Domo cupcake ring, & a Lunchbox Love note from one of the joke volumes. He was very pleased with his lunch matching his t-shirt :)

I'll be doing a Goodbyn Hero review & giveaway soon, but for now, check out Mamabelly's Lunches with Love for her Hero review & giveaway - there's still a day and a half left to enter!


Some stuff used to pack these lunches:

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  1. Fabulous! Now I want to make a bento that matches a shirt!


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