Monday, September 22, 2014

A Hobbit Day Riddle Lunch

Today is Hobbit Day, and this week is Tolkien Week! Why? Because September 22nd is both Bilbo & Frodo Baggins' birthday, and Tolkien week, celebrating authors J. R. R. Tolkien & his son Christopher, is always the calendar week in which it falls :) And wow, The Hobbit was first published September 21st 1937... 77 years ago yesterday!

In observance of all this, I've packed a Hobbit Riddle bento lunch for Bella. In Chapter 5 of the Hobbit,  Riddles in the Dark,  the hobbit Bilbo Baggins & the creature Gollum trade riddles; 3 of them are represented within:

1. Alive without breath,
As cold as death;
Never thirsty, ever drinking,
All in mail never clinking.
2 .Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still.

3. A box without hinges, key, or lid,
Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

By perfect chance, that was the first card I took out of the box - I love that the answer is the same as the answer to one of the riddles in the lunch, which I also wrote on the note's blank flip side!

Bella's Riddle lunch is packed in a Frutti Blue Yumbox Panino. Obviously, her turkey & cheddar tortilla sandwich is a hobbit hole door (with pepperoni doorknob), as is her Babybel cheese, no riddle there!  In the center section she has pepperoni chunks with a ring pick. In the top right section, she has an egg in the shape of a fish... the answer to riddles 1 & 3 in one! In the bottom right section, she has cucumber chunks & sunburst tomatoes, on teeth picks... the answer to riddle number 2 ;)

Bella, her brother, & her friend who we were giving a ride to school all got a peek at her lunch while I took the photo, but I didn't tell them what riddles were represented, so we had a fun conversation on the drive to school while they tried to remember all the riddles in chapter 5 & figure out which ones went with the lunch - and they did!

It's been a couple of years since I made a Hobbit themed lunch! Last time was the day An Unexpected Journey came out in theatres!
The Hobbit Bento : An Unexpected Lunch


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