Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Winning PlanetBox Lunch for the Man

Here's a recent lunch for the man :) When I pack pistachios, if I have a few spare minutes I love drawing something on them, ever since I first saw the idea on my friend Eclectic Lamb's blog - she also drew hearts on hers  

In case you're wondering... spaghetti with sauce, in a PlanetBox? Won't that be messy? And will he be eating it cold? ... The PlanetBox Launch Plus & Complete sets include a tempered glass Satellite dish for easy reheating, with a food grade silicone lid that both cushions the glass container & keeps it's contents from spilling. And there's just enough room on either side to pack utensils. So I was able to pack hubby's Lunchbox Love note on top of his saucy entrĂ©e without getting it messy :) I also included a Batman cloth napkin - which I'm told was a hit with the guys at work :)  

Besides the leftover pasta, lunch was grapes, apple wedges, pistachios, an itty bitty container of grated parmesan, & a dark chocolate caramel macchiato Balance Bar - his new favourite flavour. Sailor Boy loved this lunch so much he even texted me to say thanks  

Oh! Funny bit about the pistachios! I delivered Sailor Boy's lunch to him on base after taking the sproutlets to school.  After he went through the security gate & back towards the hangar with it,  it occurred to me that he sometimes like to crack open a tight pistachio with his teeth. So I called out across the tarmac to tell him I'd used food markers, so he could put the nuts in his mouth. There was a lot of jet noise though, so I had to repeat myself, a couple of times, then finally just shouted "You can put the nuts in your mouth!"  Yeah, his shipmates found that hilarious. Silly boys :)


Some stuff I used to pack this lunch:


Oh, I almost forgot!

The winner of my Balance Bar giveaway has been drawn & announced on the giveaway widget in the giveaway post :) Somebody will be getting a big box of delicious & nutritious snacks delivered to their door soon!

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  1. Anonymous9/24/2014

    This is great! Where did you get the napkin? :-)


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