Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Bookish Bento for Roald Dahl Day

It's Roald Dahl Day tomorrow! In honour of the beloved author's birthday, some blogger friends & I are making Dahl-icious lunches & doing a blog hop! I made my Bella a bookish bento, with turkey & Asiago cheese tortilla books! I made Fantastic Mr. Fox, Esio Trot, Matilda, & The BFG:

Edible Books! by BentOnBetterLunches
The book sandwiches were super easy to make. I cut tortillas in rectangles & used food markers & stamps to make the covers. I cut cheese & turkey in smaller rectangles & stacked them for the pages, then folded the tortilla book covers around them. These were a big improvement on the ones I made for 2012's Dahl Day lunch.  I had come up with the whoppsy-whiffling idea for them just that morning, & only had cheddar & white bread. I've long been meaning to remake them with white cheese & brown bread, but Bella prefers sandwiches made with tortillas over bread - which worked out even better since tortillas are much easier to stamp & draw on!

Edible Books! by BentOnBetterLunches - made with food markers & rubber stamps
I love how my new & improved edible books turned out! Here they are in my 6th grader Bella's EasyLunchbox. She also had some broccoli & grape tomatoes with a "Read" pick, & grapes with a chocolate bar pick - it's the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Edible Books bento school lunch for Roald Dahl Day, by BentOnBetterLunches
And look, I had the perfect Lunchbox Love for Kids joke note to go with it :) Oh, I also tucked in a tiny pack of Wonka Gobstoppers ;) Hallowe'en candy!

Edible books! by BentOnBetterLunches

Even the flip side of the Lunchbox Love note was just right :) I had a great foxy cloth napkin from Beneficial Bento too:

Roal Dahl Day bento school lunch by BentOnBetterLunches

This book bento was such a fun lunchy use for my Stupendous Stampers :)

Roald Dahl Stupendous Stampers

And in case you missed them, here are some of my sproutlets' splendiferous lunches from Dahl Days gone by :

Roald Dahl Day bento school lunch by BentOnBetterLunches   Roald Dahl Day bento school lunch by BentOnBetterLunches

2012's bento had elements from James & the Giant Peach, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, & Matilda. One of 2013's (above) was all James & the Giant Peach, & the other (below) was mostly the BFG, with a smidge of Danny the Champion of the World. 

Roald Dahl Day bento school lunch by BentOnBetterLunches

Now, it's time to get jumpelling over to Robot Squirrel and the Monkeys to see what luctuous lunches Eileen has made:

Roald Dahl Day bento lunch Blog Hop & Link Party @ BentOnBetterLunches



Some stuff used to make this bookish bento:


  1. Love the tiny books~~ so cute!!

  2. Love the books and your stamp set!

  3. What a clever idea! I never thought of using stamps, and I love the books too!

  4. Oh goodness, this is fantastic! One of my favorite tributes ever!

  5. I am IN LOVE with your edible books! They turned out so perfectly and the stamps on the cover are a stroke of genius! Just perfect!

  6. I always forget about using stamps on food. Your books are so cute!

  7. Love the books! What a great stamp set!

  8. I am so incredibly impressed with your books! I need to get some of those stamps!

  9. Awesome idea, love the books and your stamp set!

  10. Anonymous9/14/2014

    Such a brilliant idea! These look fabulous!


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