Friday, April 25, 2014

Yumbox DIY Pizzable!

Apparently enough time has gone by since our Momables Lunchbox Wars pizza lunch makeover for Birdie to forget that she doesn't like Lunchables, since she asked for one as we passed them in the grocery the other day. Even though we taste-tested several for the Lunchbox Wars series I did for Momables, they are still inexplicably drawn to those little boxed lunches - go figure.  I reminded her that she doesn't like them and that I can make a better one. So we added the necessary ingredients to our list, and today, I did!

Birdie's fun DIY pizza lunch, or "pizzable",  is packed in a Yumbox, which keeps all the ingredients, wet & dry, perfectly separate:

Her Yumbox pizza bento contains:
  • bagel thins, cut in quarters
  • shredded cheese
  • marinara sauce
  • mini turkey pepperonis
  • & honeydew melon balls with alphabet picks

I also included a little spoon for spreading the sauce, & a Lunchbox Love note  The other side of the note has a fun fact about belly button lint, which Birdie was talking about yesterday, so she'll like that :)

Click to see another version of our pizzables & a DIY pizza muffin tin meal!
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Stuff used to make this lunch:


  1. Omg I totally need to veganize this! :D

  2. Yum! (lunch, not the lint o-0)

  3. This looks great! I love DIY Lunchables. They are so easy to pull together and the kids eat them all. Mine do not really like the conventional Lunchables and these taste so much better!

  4. This looks so tasty, I want one!
    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!


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