Monday, April 7, 2014

One Bunny Lunch

You'd think that with half the sproutlets out sick and only one lunch to pack that I could make it a fun one! Nope, with half the sproutlets out sick, I'm just too tired - I stuck a pink bunny pick in Sprout's ham and called it good :)

And I snapped the photo with my phone, at the kitchen table, didn't even bother picking out a piece of scrapbook paper for the photo background! But I think it's a decent lunch, even if there are no veggies in it (she nixed the carrots I was about to put in). She has a Goodbyn Bynto packed with ham, yogurt, grapes, a granola bar, & iced tea (with a GreenPaxx Cool Straw).

Some stuff I used to pack lunch:
I really like those silicone cups in the Goodbyn, they reach right to the top so even if it's carried sideways, nothing spills out.


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