Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Pair of Puzzle Lunches

April is Autism Awareness Month in America. I packed puzzle themed bentos for Sprout & Pickle, the only two sproutlets who went to school today.

Sprout took her Yumbox, packed with yogurt, strawberries, grapes, graham stars, & a puzzle piece sweet I made with candy melts & my puzzle mold. Puzzle piece picks decorate the fruit, & blue blossom cupcake sprinkles top the yogurt - I think they look very puzzle-piece-ish :)

Lunch wouldn't be complete without a Lunchbox Love note! 


Pickle's puzzle lunch is packed in EasyLunchboxes. He has his usual peanut butter sandwich, cut with my Lunch Punch Match & Munch puzzle cutters, a Go-Gurt  & cookie, plus some blue gelatin in a leak-proof cup with lid, that fits perfectly in the medium section.

Each Lunchbox Love for Kids volume includes a couple of cards with one blank side so you can write your own message, like I did here.

The thing on Pickle's Go-Gurt is a Twixit bag clip. He & his little sister Birdie sometimes have a hard time tearing open their yogurt tube cleanly clean & they don't like it the feel of it when they tear it open jagged, so I have started cutting them with scissors at home then sealing them with a Twixit. The tiny 2¼" ones are the perfect size & easy for them to open!


Some of the stuff I used to make these lunches:


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  1. Love the idea for the yogurt tube. My daughter can never eat an entire one and I don't like to waste it, so I could squeeze 1/2 of it in a container for the next day and then send her with the clip for that day. Thanks.


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