Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Pizzables - Fast Food!

Last week Birdie took a fun DIY pizzable lunch, which she loves. Today was her preschool's pizza day, where the school provides a delivery pizza lunch as a treat, and since she loves pizza, I thought she'd be thrilled! But, no, minutes before we had to leave, she asked, "What's my lunch?" and when I told her it was school pizza day, she was not pleased. "I want your kind of pizza lunch." Aw...  So, here is another version of the DIY pizzables lunch, the quickly throw stuff in an EasyLunchbox in less than 3 minutes version :)

She has marinara sauce in a little lidded cup (I love the way Birdie says it, mara-mara sauce), a bagel thin cut in half for her crusts, & shredded cheese to top. On short notice just cheese will have to do :) No time for cute details. Luckily I already had honeydew melon chopped for lunches (I pre-chop fruit to save time) so we made it out the door with time to pause & take a picture even.


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