Monday, October 17, 2011

Rainbow Bright & Slightly Spooky

Bella got muffin cups in her lunch today, a rainbow selection :)

I didn't have any blue food so I put blue seal picks playing with cheese balls in the blue cup ;) Ham roll-ups in the pink, carrot stars in the red, cheddar hearts & bunny crackers in the orange,  sweet bell pepper in the yellow, & celery in the green. All things I know she likes. I think the celery looks like it's smiling :)

When I pack things that might tip or spill and make a mess, I like to fill the empty space with something to keep things from moving around. Most of the time I use a cloth napkin - it acts like tissue paper does in a gift box, keeping things in their place. Today I used lettuce - it's like edible tissue paper - plus it will help the veggies stay moist, and Bella likes lettuce so she'll probably eat it!


I made Pickle's lunch slightly spooky and a little more fun than usual. He was sort of upset this morning and didn't want to go to school, so I promised him a treat in his lunch to look forward to. He loves plain milk chocolate, especially if it has the Hershey's brand on it, so he'll be happy to find the Hershey's chocolate ghost. He also got bat peanut butter sandwiches, a few marshmallow ghosts, and a bowl of Cheerios with a little bottle of milk. Fun!

I know I've said it before, but I just love this Sistema container! Cereal on the bottom, sandwiches and treats in the tray, all separated, sealed, and compact.   I just had to buy another one with pink trim for Bella's salad lunches :)

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A big thank you Charlene of Bentos for Bella &
Honeysuckle Designs for making it for me!
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. What a lovely, healthy rainbow! I am impressed that your daughter will eat so many veggies :) I added your button to my blog!

  2. LOVE the rainbow idea :) To cute!

  3. Ive always been a little upset because I didnt have a small muffin pan and thought I couldnt participate in MTM, But I love this idea! It will work until I can remember to buy one. :) PS I added your button to my blog!

  4. I love rainbow lunches and the tip about the lettuce, genius!

  5. the lettuce is a wonderful idea!! the fun bright colors make the lunch so inviting :)

  6. SO colorful! And the lettuce is a great idea!

  7. Your Rainbow Bright muffin tin meal is so bright...and cheery! I love your idea of the blue seals playing with the mozzarella balls. ~So creative!

  8. I'm glad Lindsey, looking forward to seeing your "muffin tin" :) Thanks for all the lunch love everyone!


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