Sunday, October 9, 2011

Beets to Bento

Last night I was browsing the articles about preserving at Homegrown & Healthy and when I reached a post about beets, I realized something - I have never eaten a beet! Have no idea at all what they taste like. And they are such a pretty colour too! I like radishes, rutabaga, turnip, parsnips, & carrots - they are all root vegetables ... would I like beets? I wonder... Anyways,  I've been thinking about ways to add colour to the sproutlets lunches without using artificial food colourings, so that vibrant purple got me thinking... could I use beets? Would they be good to colour things pink or purple, such as pancakes or muffins, or would that taste awful? I searched baking with beets. This title near the top of the search results caught my eye:  Just Hungry | Baked Beets. I hadn't been planning on baking beets just yet, thought I'd ease the kiddos into it by first using the beets to colour something familiar, so if they liked it I could eventually use it as an example to entice them to try the veggie itself - but I clicked the link anyways, out of curiosity. And at the top of the page, under the heading My Bento Book, was a photo link to The Just Bento Cookbook, a book by the same author as the blog I had landed on, who also happened to write Just Bento, a blog I had on my own blogroll. Ha! I had to laugh, because here I was not even looking for bentos, and I find a book about bentos.  It's all about bentos with me lately :)

I got distracted and never did find out how beets would do in baked goods... 


  1. This is the BEST beet recipe i've ever had, besides beet borscht soup. We made it for thanksgiving last year and it was a yummy hit all around!

  2. Thanks! I bookmarked it. I roasted some beets tonight, and they were well received :)


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