Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love Fall

Today is such a beautiful Fall day. The sun is shining, but the air is cool and crisp, and the colours of the turning leaves in the trees out my kitchen window are warm and cheery. And I have a Fall shaped muffin tin, yeah! I  ♥ Fall.  So I put lots of  ♥ 's and X's and O's into lunch this Muffin Tin Monday:

Gala apple hugs & hearts, cheddar hearts, carrot hearts (I cut these by hand, they came out not bad!) mozzarella hugs & kisses, spaghettios (more hugs), and heart shaped rice, that kind of fell apart when I put it in the cup, oops! 


Pickle had a hug & kiss peanut butter sandwich with a little heart cut from the middle of the O.  Maybe I should have arranged them in the other direction, so it didn't spell "ox"... I hope he gets it!

Bella took spaghettios in her pink Thermos Funtainer, with kiss & hug shaped fruit & veggies on the side. I forgot to take a pic since when she takes a hot lunch I don't pack it until just before we leave,  so it's still nice and hot by lunch.


  1. You are so creative! Love the X and O theme :)

  2. What a great meal. Love all the hugs and kisses.

  3. What a cute tin! And great job on cutting those carrots! I'm impressed!

  4. cute, cute, cute! :) love the theme.


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