Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bento Lunch #55 & Rainy Day PB, No J

Bits & bobs for my Bella today. Birdie didn't eat her ham roll-ups yesterday, so I gave them to Bella today. Since the ham was already in a Sassy box segment, I gave Bella one of her sister's Sassy boxes instead of her usual Easy Lunchbox. She thought it was cute, but "a little bit babyish for school". Noted ;)  Mandarin orange segments, celery sticks, leftover pancakes from breakfast, and cheddar cheese hearts. Think I hit all the food groups :)

We woke up to rain, which the little girls were excited about, they love an opportunity to use their Hello Kitty umbrellas. Pickle doesn't have an umbrella, but he sure does want one...  He's not getting one though, it wouldn't last a day in his possession! I know this from experience, and the early demise of several umbrellas...

Poor Pickle... I made him an umbrella PB sandwich to cheer him up - and it did :) He was very keen on the handle, and promised to bring it home - and he did :) The handle was part of a chocolate treat one of the kids received last year - I have a few of them - I washed them and saved them thinking they might be useful for something some day (Sailor Boy hates when I save random STUFF for just in case, heheh) and they were!  The clouds and rain drops I cut freehand, like you can't tell, haha. If anyone reading this knows of a cloud shaped cutter (or weather set) please, post a link in a comment, thanks!

Pooh, I forgot to take a pic of Birdie's lunch. She had leftover pasta, topped with cheese cut in puzzle pieces again (she liked that the day before), packed in a Hello Kitty box. Sprout stayed home from preschool today, so she had the same thing, but in a bowl - and she covered hers with a mountain of grated parmesan I mean, stinky cheese :) She LOVES stinky cheese, would eat it solo if I let her...


  1. The second bug in the "Bug Buddies" Set kind of looks like a cloud. I thought it was at first! I don't know if you have that set (from Wilton) I am having a little too much fun browsing the web site!

  2. Here is a cloud cutter for 5 dollars (plus shipping I assume)

    On Amazon is this mini set with a raindrop, a roundish cloud and other fun shapes like the card suits.

    Also this set has an umbrella and a cloud but the site is based in Europe.

    I am trying to find you something but I haven't found better yet.

  3. Wow, thanks for your searching! The first one is perfect :)


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