Friday, October 14, 2011

Angry Birds Sandwich

Here I go, hopping on the Angry Birds lunch wagon! Not sure what took me so long, Pickle is crazy about the game :) I've never played it myself, but I'm familiar with the characters - who isn't ?

Pickle's favourite is the Red Bird, so he was a given, and I decided to make a little King Pig as well to make the lunch more filling. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! Completely edible, and no artificial colouring :) 

The Red Bird's body is a peanut butter sandwich made from wheat and white wheat bread. I used dark wheat for his tail feathers, pupils, and eyebrows, and wheat crust for his beak. His features are "glued" on with peanut butter. 

The Pig King is a peanut butter sandwich on wheat, with white wheat features. His pupils, nostrils, and crown are made from crust. I used different sized drinking straws to cut the little circles.

This sandwich was time consuming, but fun! I don't normally do this much - a quick press of my trusty Lunch Punches is more my speed for the average school day - but since there is no school today (conferences again) Pickle had lunch at home,  and it was the perfect opportunity for me to get to see him opening a special lunch.

It's very plain to see that he absolutely loved it :)


In fact, he loved it so much, he refused to eat it - he wants to save it! I had to make him a plain peanut butter sandwich to eat. *sigh* Lesson learned - make the lunch look good enough to eat, not too good to eat!

Looking for Angry Birds lunch ideas? Look no further!

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This week's Bento of the Week theme was Angry Birds!


  1. I love it! It is so cool that you made it all from different shades of bread! I will have to try this! Thanks for the idea :)

  2. OMG!!!! His reaction to it is priceless! That makes it all worth it. Nice job on the bento, btw!

  3. I agree! what an awesome reaction! hahah Love it! Sweet Angry Birds!

  4. So cute! I have never played the game either but the characters are instantly recognizable! Well done :D

  5. Anonymous10/16/2011

    I LOVE his reaction! Reminds me a lot of another certain Angry Birds fan I know ... although yours is a lot better about getting a decent picture taken :)

  6. That reaction is PERFECTION!!! Totally worth the work! I might have to "borrow" your idea for my soon-to-be 5 year old who is in LOVE with Angry Birds!

  7. Love it, I like how u used diff bread for this. It's beautiful. :)


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