Monday, October 6, 2014

Lunchbox Love for Teachers!

Sunday October 5th was World Teachers' Day. Thank you, teachers!

The start of this school year was a bittersweet one for my Bella, who was excited to be starting middle school yet sad to be leaving elementary. She's especially going to miss her 5th grade teacher, who really inspired her & made school & learning so much fun! The younger sproutlets still attend that elementary school, so Mia Bella does have an opportunity to see her favourite teacher from time to time, if she's with me when I pick them up.

With help from the lovely folks at Say Please, who contributed the Lunchbox Love, we put together a cute thank you gift for her beloved teacher. We filled a Be Kind Mug with a Lunchbox Love for Teachers set, & added a fun ruler themed notepad. Middle school lets out earlier than elementary school, so Bella walked over & met me there to deliver her gift. Her teacher loved it! She's familiar with Lunchbox Love notes, from the ones I put in Mia Bella's lunches, & was thrilled to have some to share with her class :)

Teacher thank you gift with Lunchbox Love by BentOnBetterLunches

Lunchbox Love for Teachers sets includes these 2 volume sets:
Each 2 volume set includes 24 cards, hopefully enough for a whole class. Any or all of them would make a thoughtful gift for a teacher you know!
Say Please often has a special deal on their home page, but if not, you can use my coupon code, BENTON, for 15% off :)

A big thank you to Bella's teacher, and teachers everywhere! 
I'm so grateful that ALL my little ones have been fortunate to have wonderful teachers who make their school days pleasant as well as educational  

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Say Please provided me with Lunchbox Love notes purely out of generosity & to do as I pleased with, & I purchased the mug & notepad myself :)


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