Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Twin Lunches

This morning I just could not get my head together! The fridge was full and you know I have 101 lunchbox choices, but I just could not focus on what to pack the sproutlets for lunch. I ended up telling the middle schoolers to buy theirs, and this is what I finally packed for Bean Sprout & Birdie:

Twin lunches! They both got the same lunch in different colours :) Birdie's containers & spork are pink, Sprout's blue. Birdie got a strawberry Go-Gurt, Sprout got blueberry. In their Klip-it Splits they got sliced strawberries & watermelon - thankfully I cut up a bunch of fruits a few days ago - and I filled small lidded containers with Annie's bunny grahams. Not shown are their water bottles & ice packs. And everything fit perfectly in their adorable little Built Gourmet Getaway Mini Totes.

I love these mini versions of the Gourmet Getaway. They're great for small containers that would rattle around in the bigger bag, like our Lunchbots, Sassy boxes, & small but tall tiered bento boxes, like our CuteZcute Baby Bento Buddies. With an ice pack they do an awesome job of keeping lunch cold until well past lunchtime, and they're a good size for smaller lunches in smaller hands, as kindergartner Birdie demonstrates below :)

Oh, I forgot to mention Pickle's lunch! He requested cereal & milk, which would have made his easy if I could have found the Sistema Klip-it bowl he likes taking cereal in. Sailor Boy usually does the dishes and insisted he put it where he always does, but I turned my lunch gear stash upside down and inside out and it was nowhere! I had a really hard time switching gears and packing in a different container too -  it's what I've packed his cereal lunches in for a few years now. Anyways, when we got to school, there it was, he had forgotten it last week - yuck!


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