Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Special Delivery Lunches : Cupcake & Pirate

I recently had the pleasure of making fun lunches for my friend's little girl & delivering them to her at school while her mother was away for a couple of days. Her little girl is called Bella too, so I just had to use my alphabet stamps in one of the lunches, I already had the name put together! 

Cute cupcake lunch in EasyLunchboxes by BentOnBetterLunches

Bella's Cute Personalized Lunch contains:
  • strawberry Go-Gurt (frozen in an L shape to fit)
  • cupcake ham & cheese sandwich made with a Lunch Punch, stamped with her name, & topped with a cherry tomato
  • roll of Rockets candy (or Smarties if you're American)
  • organic strawberries cut like hearts, with a heart fork pick
  • organic green grapes in a pink flower silicone cup

For the other day, she asked if I could make her a lunch like the one I made Birdie on Talk Like A Pirate Day, but without berries, & jelly instead of cheese on her treasure map sandwich. She definitely wanted me to include the jelly bean treasure & chocolate doubloon though! I packed her lunch in an EasyLunchbox with the treasure in a Mini Dipper.

Pirate treasure lunch in EasyLunchboxes by BentOnBetterLunches

Bella's Pirate Lunch contains:

Both lunches were packed in EasyLunchboxes that she got to keep :) It was fun packing lunches for someone other than my own sproutlets! My friend told me how much her daughter was looking forward to lunch those days, rather than being bummed about having the school lunch, so I really wanted her to like them. And I'm told she loved them


  1. So special that you made lunches for her!

  2. How did you stamp her name?
    Where did you get the island shaped cutter?

    1. I made her name with this cookie stamp set:
      The island sandwich was made with a limited edition Lunch Punch "Landwich" cutter that's no longer available. The same effect could be done with a land-mass cookie cutter. Cheap Cookie Cutters has many:


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