Monday, July 22, 2013

Friends Share: Stop for Lunch!

The sproutlets were in go, go, go mode today, it was hard to get them to stop for lunch - even though it was fun bentos! I've been meaning to do a melon ball stop light lunch ever since I picked up the fun traffic sign paper it's sitting on. It's not the first time I've been inspired by a sheet of scrapbook paper :) 

Bella helped a little with this one, she peeled & cut the carrots & scooped the melon balls! Then she snacked of the not-so-round ones while I packed the rest of her lunch. The stop sign is a pepper jack cheese sandwich on honey wheat - sweet & spicy! On the side she has dried strawberries & a protein bar.

Pickle's lunch is his usual, a plain old peanut butter sandwich, yogurt & string cheese - but made cute with a car-shaped silicone cup, a candy stop sign, and alphabet cookie cutters. And I found the perfect Lunchbox Love note to tuck in: "Did you know? Americans spend an average of 8 months waiting at red lights during their lifetime." Pickle loves trivia :)

Pickle's lunch is packed in EasyLunchboxes! I rarely pack his in them because they aren't leakproof enough for yogurt when your kid is as rough & tumble with their lunchbox as my little man is :) But my favourite bento shop BentoUSA recently added the perfect solution to their inventory... 
These water-tight 4 oz sauce cups that fit snugly in the medium section:


They even fit with both their lid & the EasyLunchboxes lid on! Hooray!

I know that for many, not being able to pack really wet stuff is the only drawback to the EasyLunchboxes. While the Mini Dippers are fab, they are smaller & don't fill that section. I'm so happy to have found these versatile & inexpensive containers that do! Find them at BentoUSA :)


This isn't the first time I've packed a lunch with a traffic light in it - I've got one featured in Cooking with Trader Joe's : Easy Lunch Boxes!

Of course, that's not how it looks in the cookbook, that's just the photo that I submitted... the bento pictured in the cookbook was professionally styled & photographed - fancy! But I designed it & wrote the instructions :) 

Some of my blogger friends have made traffic stopping bentos too...  

Bento For Kidlet is unstoppable!

Bento School Lunches dreams of hitting the road...

Zoe's Lunchbox takes a road trip!



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  1. So many fun lunches!! I especially adore your melon ball stop lights.

  2. Anonymous7/23/2013

    I thought your version of the Trader Joe's bento looked a lot better than what is in the cookbook...

    Thanks for sharing the link to the little sauce cups that fit inside the bigger box! I've been looking for something like that.

  3. Ooo I just got some of those cups too from ATFS, haven't used them yet!
    Love your lunches, Cristi. :)

  4. Anonymous7/23/2013

    Love those melon ball stop lights!

  5. Seriously? Your melon balls rock! Love the lunches, and great tip for the medium containers. Thanks so much for including us in your lineup, too!

  6. I love the melon balls, great job


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