Thursday, July 18, 2013

Breakfast Bento for Birdie

Rise & shine, it's breakfast time! Birdie's having a summer morning bento of fresh cut strawberry flowers, carrot suns, cheese tulips, bunny grahams, apple blossoms, and yogurt with a garden of sweet sprinkles.

My friend Ludicrous Mama of Biting the Hand That Feeds You recently shared an article she had read, about a study that showed young children prefer many colours and choices on their plate. According to the study, "Children are most attracted to food plates with seven different items and six different colors." Birdie does love her Zak! Nibble Tray, which has 6 sections (9 with with the dip attachment!) Sprinkles are a fun way to add even more colour and kid appeal, and if you count them, she's got her 7 items in 6 colours :)


Some stuff used to make this bento:


  1. Such a gorgeous breakfast!

  2. Beautiful breakfast! Wish I had someone here to make me one. :)

  3. Very cute! I love seeing your creations, but can you recommend a blogger who does ADULT or TEENAGE Bentos? My oldest is going off to school this fall - we're homeschoolers - and will pack a lunch. Looking for fun ideas. (I think tulips and bunnies are adorable, but thinking my almost 15-year-old won't! LOL)

    1. I do have many blogger friends who make lunches for themselves, older kids & husbands. I'll email you a list! I also pack sometimes for my husband, they would suit a teenage boy - you can find them by clicking the Lunch for the Man tab.

  4. Looks great! Makes me smile, so I am sure she loves it.

  5. I think adults find all those colours appealing too :)


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