Monday, July 8, 2013

Friends Share: UFO bentos... Out Of This World!

Today marks the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident... what do you believe crashed into that ranch? The truth is out there...

The sproutlets' grandparents are visiting today, so I'm not making UFO bentos, but I did make one last week, for World UFO Day. And here's a fun bento I made last summer, as one of my submissions for the Cooking with Trader Joe's : EasyLunchboxes cookbook. 4 of my bentos are featured in the cookbook, but this space alien one wasn't one of the chosen ones:

The fruit alien reminds me of Boinga from the Backyardigans; she may have been an unconscious inspiration :) My Boinga is made with a clementine, 2 grapes with raisins stuck in them, and one more raisin stuck in a slit cut into the orange peel. Beneath her are white cheddar cheese stars atop carrot asteroids. Her rocket spaceship, planet & stars are peanut butter sandwiches.


Here are some my favourite UFO & space alien bentos made by others:

The adorable marbled cheese aliens in this space-themed bento by Cass of We Should Be Folding Laundry make me smile :)

I adore the egg UFO in this PlanetBox bento by the talented Lise of Veggie-Bento. Lise's alien & UFO creations are also featured in the Cooking with Trader Joe's : EasyLunchboxes cookbook!

I've loved Sarah of Bentoriffic's Happy Little Aliens since I first laid eyes on this cute little one-eyed guy & his three-eyed cohort.

I totally dig this colourful Alien and UFO bento by Ariani of Bebento-Kids! I've only just recently discovered her fantastic bento blog, and don't know how I've never come across it before - but I'm glad I finally have :)


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  1. Every one of these is adorable!! I need to make an alien lunch. My boy would LOVE that!

  2. Anonymous7/08/2013

    They're all so awesome!!!

  3. Anonymous7/09/2013

    I love your rocket sandwich. Thanks for including my spacey lunch in your post!


  4. Wow these foods makes interesting about food. I think kids are engaging with these things as well as.

  5. Awesome UFO lunches!!! I can't believe I haven't made one!

  6. Hi...thank you so much for linking my bebento-kids blog :) Really appreciate it! and nice to know you as well....

  7. Oh, I'd forgotten about my towel day lunch until I saw your linky party! Of course, I managed to put my name instead of the lunch's in the field. Sigh.

    Thanks for hosting!

    1. Thanks for linking up! I wish I'd seen your Towel Day lunch earlier, we had a linky for that too: "Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." Next year for sure though, I hope!

  8. Not sure if I was logged into my account to post previous comment, but I love your blog. Just starting to learn about bento boxes and would love to win some accessories!


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