Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stars & Stars Revisited

School's out for summer, no need to pack lunches this week! I still have lunches I photographed but never blogged though :) Here's an end of the school year lunch for my kindergarten star Sprout's 2nd to last day:

Raspberries with a congratulatory cupcake pick, carrots, cheddar "gold stars", & graham crackers, packed in her yubo lunchbox, with a Goodbyn bottle.

Here are a couple more star lunches, from back in March:

Birdie's Yumbox contains cherry yogurt with star sprinkles, watermelon, carrots, cucumber slices embedded with carrots stars, whole grain cheese crackers, an egg a couple of yogurt-covered cookie stars, and I can't remember what was in the little shooting star box :)

Birdie didn't eat the cucumbers & carrots, so I reused them in Bella's EasyLunchbox the next day:

She had a turkey, cheddar & white cheddar flatbread sandwich, dried strawberries& fig newtons, and Bidie's leftover veggies.


Some of the stuff used to make these lunches:
And the containers they're packed in:


  1. Wow nice looking three types of lunch boxes. I like red color one very much. Kids will be interesting for these boxes. Actually it's based on nice concept and theme. I love it.

  2. Woh different types of lunch boxes. I like these very much. Actually it good for bringing various types of foods.

  3. I love a starry lunch, stars always make things look so pretty I think!
    Thank you for linking up to Fun Food Friday!


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