Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Balls. With grassy residue.

If you don't watch Doctor Who,  this post's title may have given you pause...

... but trust me, you can easily make these peanut butter balls non-Whovian by skipping the green coconut coating.  I've made them both ways, read on :)

If you do watch Doctor Who, consider making these fantastic treats for your 50th Anniversary or Farewell Eleven party!

(Peanut Butter) Balls. With grassy residue.

I wanted to participate in my friend Karen's new sticky note recipe linky party, Stick To It Sundays, and had the ingredients for peanut butter balls, but I wanted to make them special for her inaugural Linky...  
She's the most Whovian gal I know,  and what comes to mind when you think of Doctor Who & balls? Rory's dad Brian's golf balls from Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, of course! She's even made a grassy residue balls bento  :)
The Doctor: You don't have any vegetable matter in your trousers, do you, Brian?
Brian: Only my balls.
The Doctor: I'm sorry?
Brian: Golf balls. Grassy residue.
I dyed some shredded coconut green for grass, rolled a few balls in that instead of the usual graham crumbs,  and Bob's your uncle :)

(Peanut Butter) Balls. Some with grassy residue.

They are even better with coconut! I did stick to the original recipe for most of them, since that's how the sproutlets like them - but I love coconut so the grassy ones were mine :) 

So the premise of this linky is that you can link up any recipe, but it must fit on a standard sticky note. Sounds simple, right? It's harder than it looks! I've got terrible penmanship when I'm not trying to write smaller than usual! I suppose I could have typed it in a tiny font, but that seemed like cheating... judges? Karen? In any case, I stuck to the rules and gave it my best  a shot :)

(Peanut Butter) Balls. With grassy residue.

Click the cute little adipose button below to see more Sticky Note recipes!

And in case you can't read my printing, I typed out the recipe too.  

Peanut Butter Balls (with optional grassy residue)

¼ cup honey or light corn syrup
½ cup peanut butter
¾ cup crushed graham crackers or graham crumbs
Optional, coconut *I dyed mine green

Makes 12 - 1" balls

Combine honey (or syrup),  peanut butter, and ½ cup of the graham crumbs in bowl. Quickly mix into dough. Knead with hands to combine ingredients well. Shape into balls of desired size. Roll in remaining graham crumbs or optional coconut. Chill in freezer for 10 minutes, then store in airtight container in refrigerator until ready to serve.

* I realized after I wrote up the post that I never included the dyeing of the coconut on the sticky note. It's an optional part of the peanut butter balls recipe, but they wouldn't have grassy residue if you skipped it, so... oops!

To dye coconut all you have to do is put a few drops of food coloring in a zipper baggie, seal & shake it around to coat the bag, add the coconut, then seal & shake it around some more. Easy peasy!


  1. I loved Brian Williams! And now I shall have to make Balls with Grassy Residue. Brilliant idea!

  2. Yummy! Love this recipe :D I am definitely adding it to my party food list!

  3. I love you ... and John will love these! Can't wait to see what you come up with to link up next week ;)

  4. U are so creative! They look yums! :)


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