Monday, June 3, 2013

Rabbit Food

I packed bunny rabbits for Pickle today, so I had rabbits on my mind when I made his sisters'. All the vegetables would make good rabbit food too!

The little girls got "rabbit food" muffin tins filled with:
I left the bunny fruit gummies in the packet so they wouldn't be tempted to nibble on them right away. It worked, they ate up their veggies & sandwiches before they asked me to open it  :)

In the main section of her EasyLunchbox, Bella has a cheddar & turkey flatbread wrap, celery sticks & a dip cup of peanut butter, & a mozzarella string cheese. In the smaller sections she has baby carrots with leaf pick stems, & cucumber slices in a flower cup, with a bunny pick.

Pickle has a whole warren of mini peanut butter rabbit sandwiches. His stamped sandwiches were inspired by a beautiful fruit platter by Bentos On The Bayou. The stamped melon bears reminded me that I have the same set of cutters & stamps, which includes a bunny, a bear, & an elephant too!

Bella was sneezing a lot while getting ready for school - allergies - so I added this Lunchbox Love note with a fact about sneezes  :)

Some of the stuff I used to make these lunches:


  1. Love all those little bunnies!

  2. So fun, warrens of rabbits

  3. So cute! I love bunnies. And I love those little leaf picks, too!

  4. Yay bunnies! So cute! And I love the use of the leaf pics in the carrots! Brilliant :D

  5. Aww...all bunnies so kawaii ^_^

  6. Love all the bunnies! So adorable!


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