Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Look! Gnome Lunch!

Bella requested a Clif bar & fruit for lunch today. I made it cute:

Her EasyLunchbox contains a Clif bar decorated with a garden gnome cupcake pick, sunburst & cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, dried strawberries, and in the little mushroom box, a surprise chocolate treat.

Some of the stuff I used to make this lunch cute:

Thank you to my buddy erin of feeling a little lunchy for the gnome picks!


  1. Love your Gnome lunch! Such a cute idea to use a Clif bar with flowers for him to stand on! Plus, I love your cute mushroom picks! This lunch is so adorable!

  2. Love all the cute little mushrooms - makes me think of Smurfs :-)

  3. Adorable! I'm gonna Pin it!! :)

  4. Love this cute bento will share the love for ya <3

  5. Hey...I know that gnome!


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