Monday, July 30, 2012

Lunchtime, chop chop!

We got a cute little chopsticks and cutlery set as a bonus gift in our last package from BentoUSA / All Things For Sale, (which Bella claimed), and the girls have been all about the chopsticks ever since. Every night they ask if supper is something they can eat with chopsticks - and they have such fun when they get to. I while back I read this blog post at Minivan Stiletto - Making Food Fun : Eating with Chopsticks - and I'd been meaning to make them fun chopstick lunches ever since, so today I did.

Sprout had a muffin tin meal full of little piggy picks - stuck in her carrots, grapes, and noodles - and a little piggy soy sauce bottle too. A smiling tree trunk pick turned her broccoli into a happy little tree:

Birdie's muffin tin featured her favourite animal - elephants. Even her chopsticks have elephants on them :)  She had cherries instead of grapes though. And both girls had a fortune cookie.

Bella just wrapped up her Musical Theater Camp, so I added a touch of music & theater to her lunch, with a comedy & tragedy drink stirrer as a skewer for her ham & pineapple and a music note silicon baran separating it from her grapes. She also had some baby carrots, broccoli decorated with musical note picks, noodles, and a fortune cookie. Her child-size chopsticks fit perfectly in the cutlery compartment of her Laptop Lunches bento box.


Pickle's peanut butter sandwich was a pair of feet. They were kind of little, but he also had yogurt - and a fortune cookie. No fruit or veg though :( He won't eat applesauce anymore *sigh*

I had a fortune cookie too - it said:



  1. Chopsticks are so much fun! Love your lunches!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment. I love all your lunches. My boys have their days of being really picky eaters too. One reason I love blogs is I always get great new ideas to try.

  3. Super cute! Kidlet has chopsticks that are attached at the top because he lacks chopstick skills lol. But he likes to try to eat everything with them. :D

  4. love love love! The piggy picks are so cute.


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