Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebration Bentos

My Beanstalk "graduated" from elementary school this year. One of his classmates' parents made celebratory cupcakes for the soon-to-be middle schoolers, topped with "Congrats Grad" cupcake picks. Beanstalk brought his pick home - he thought I might like to reuse it - my boy knows his mama :)

I made him a "Congrats Grad" lunch in his LunchBots Trio - a simple bento containing his favourite flavours of cheese crackers, 2 star-shaped peanut butter sandwiches, half a granny smith apple with the graduation cap pick in it, and some fat green grapes - a couple of them skewered on a sunglasses cupcake pick. I told him the sunglasses were because his future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades - ha, he so did not get my 80's song reference - silly old mum :)
● ● ● ● ●

The 2nd celebration lunch is a 4th of July EasyLunchboxes bento for Pickle:

He has an American flag (sort of) peanut butter sandwich, red, white & blue marshmallows on heart picks, and yogurt topped with frozen yogurt stars. He was very happy with his lunch, especially the marshmallow stars:

Tomorrow is Independence Day - a happy holiday to all my American readers!


  1. I certainly got the reference! Fabulous!

  2. I love your flag! What a cool lunch!

  3. Creative re-use of materials! 9 out of 10 points!

    At the end of t-ball season party, the coach brought cupcakes with plastic baseball ring toppers. I gagged down two of them to get the rings! And her all-school end-of-year-picnic there were little monster grad rings (little colored blobby fellows with hats and diplomas) so I choked one of those down for the ring too! Teeheehee!
    And I take a plastic coffee stirrer/hot drink lid plugger whenever I'm at Starbucks, even though I get iced drinks. They make great skewers! :)


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