Thursday, July 12, 2012

Laptop Lunchbox Love

Birdie wanted a sandwich made with the "kissy lips" cookie cutter, so I cut her string cheese and stacked it in X's and sliced her apples horizontally to make O's. I made her baby carrot into a heart and used heart picks to skewer her tomatoes. Lots of love in her Laptop Lunches bento box!

I had a garden in mind for this lunch. We had some leftover egg noodles so I made a little nest for some tomato eggs. I used my Lunch Punch to cut a butterfly ham & cheese sandwich and sliced a baby carrot in half for antennae. Apple wedges & baby carrots made 2 more butterflies (stacked) and some tomatoes and string cheese in a flower baking cup made blossoms. 

For this next garden lunch I used several accessories from Bento USA by All Things For Sale - bumblebee  picks in the broccoli, a tiny cutter and a flower stem pick to make a carrot tulip, and more flower stem picks for cheese tulips. I used a blossom cookie cutter for the stacked sandwiches.

The girls love the Laptop Lunches bento boxes, they love the brightly coloured cases and little boxes inside. I like that I can mix & match the inner containers. They're versatile & fun!

Stuff used to make these lunches:



  1. I have a laptop lunchbox! I am so in love with it! You should check out my blog!


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