Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Bentos Go Bad

All right, I know this is not a bento - it's a peanut butter sandwich - but it's Pickle's lunch, and it's in a box, and the loose meaning of bento is lunch in a box, so there -  my blog, my rules  :)

Recently my bento buddies and I had a conversation about when things go wrong and our bentos don't come out as planned, and we thought, wouldn't it be fun if one day we all posted our lunch mishaps.  So of course tonight, when I produced what is likely the worst Perry the Platypus peanut butter sandwich ever created, I immediately took a photo and shared it with my friends so they could all have a good laugh :)

I'll be honest, I originally had no intentions of blogging this. Until one of my bento buddies asked if she could share it with her friend, the "voice" of Perry the Platypus! What? Uhh, yes, please! 

Somehow, that would so make it blog-worthy to me!

So here you go,  Mr Dee Bradley Baker.  I hope this makes you smile :) Your show makes my sproutlets smile daily!  And messy as it is, this is going in Pickle's lunch tomorrow - he'll love it!

And now, my fellow bento bloggers & friends, 


  1. That is the best bald eagle bento I've ever seen! ;)

  2. Ludicrous, you are too funny! I don't think it's terrible. In fact, I'm forwarding it to my friends who are P & F fans :) It's a brilliant failure, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous6/05/2012

    Reminds me of an Angry Bird!! LOL

  4. My daughter thought it was an angry bird. When I told her it was supposed to be Perry, she told me I forgot his hat, and suggested I make one of fruit leather :)

  5. I still think that he looks nice...although he looks a little bit more like "DarkWing Duck" there. Heh, I make bentos like this once in a while, but I mess with them so much later that it ends up looking really good to the person I give it to.

  6. I think your Perry look great. I could fill up your linky with lunches I probably should not have posted. But, I restrained myself by only linking up two. I could easily add my "Spaghetti Pie Scarecrow" to the link-up. It looked disgusting and my son did NOT eat it. Thanks for this post. I love it!


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