Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch for my Sweet, Smart Star

The sproutlets' grandparents always bring Timbits when they visit from BC. For those not familiar with the name, Timbits are cake donut holes from Tim Horton's, a Canadian coffee & donut chain. They taste like home. And they freeze very well, perfect for popping in lunches later :)

The frosted chocolate ball in Bella's EasyLunchbox is one of those Timbits. Next to it are some yogurty pretzels, by request. To balance out all that sugar she has celery & tomatoes on little star picks, and ham & cheddar cheese star topped bagels.
Bella may be in the gifted class but it never hurts to let her know that I think she's smart. And she loves getting Lunchbox Love notes.

Today my girl is performing in her school's talent show! Sprout & Birdie are so excited because they get to go to their big sister's school and watch :) 
Bella's not at all nervous either, like I would have been at her age;  I love that she's so confident! I'm so proud of my sweet, smart little star ★

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  1. Love your star lunch! Hope she had a wonderful talent show :)


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