Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old MacDonald had a lunch...

... B-E-N-T-O ♪ ♫

Today Beanstalk's class has a just-for-fun field trip to the Roller Barn,
our town's roller skating rink!

They will be having a junk food lunch there so I didn't need to pack him a lunch, but at his request I packed him a snack of popcorn, an apple & a bottle of water - for in case he doesn't like the food there :)

Lunch for the girls was inspired by that barn!

Bella has an "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" lunch in her EasyLunchbox:

♪ ♫ On that farm there was:
  • a cow (& calf)  turkey & cheddar sandwich
  • a dog & a chicken & chicks, & E I O picks, in tomatoes 
  • some eggs - mozzarella
  • a pig - dip container, with carrots & celery 
  • another pig - gummy candy, atop some fig newtons
... B-E-N-T-O ♪ ♫

Birdie & Sprout have muffin tin meal versions:

They have an egg with a chick pick, a cheese duck & celery sticks, a cow & pig gummy treat, cherries with a pig pick, a yogurt "pond" with farm animal sprinkles, tomatoes & biscuits singing E I O  ♪ ♫

Tomorrow's lunches will be the last school lunches of the year!

You can find most of the cute little accessories used
 in these lunches at BentoUSA / AllThingsForSale Bento Products


  1. Such cute lunches! Plus your picks are so cute,too!

  2. That's an adorable lunch! Where did you find the cow & pig gummy treats?

    1. Our local candy shop, Popsies! They get the cutest candies.

  3. These are both aborable!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I love your lunches! I just started bento lunches yesterday and am so excited! I hope that mine will become as great as yours someday :)


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