Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sharknado Cinnamon Rolls!

Yesterday was a gloomy, rainy day, but I didn't mind, that made it the perfect day to stay in and watch Shark Week on Discovery, and since it was a little chilly, to bake!  The sproutlets love cinnamon rolls, and watching Sharknado 2 the other day, I got the idea to make Sharknado rolls!

I took the easy route and used Pillsbury Grands! place & bake cinnamon rolls. I frosted them while they were still warm, and while the icing was still all melty, sprinkled them with shark shaped Wilton sugar sprinkles. Easy peasy!

Aren't they fun? Sugary sharks swimming in a swirl of sweet icing atop cinnamon roll tornados. Of course the kids loved them!

Today was another gloomy day, and the kidlets asked if I would bake Sharknado rolls again. I kind of did... just not cinnamon rolls... but that's for tomorrow's post :)
Speaking of baking... Eek! Have you seen these Fred and Friends Snack Attack Cookie Cutters
I totally want to bake some shark attack cookies for my next snack attack! Too bad I don't own them - yet :) But my friend Keitha does, & she used hers to make a Shark Week breakfast for her little guy - complete with ketchup blood! Check it out on her blog, Keitha's Chaos!

Here's one more pic of my sharky cinnamon rolls, because I'm hungry!


  1. Love the idea of turning cinnamon rolls into Sharknados. Very cute! Thanks for linking to my shark attack.


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