Friday, August 15, 2014

Shark Week Sharknado Hero

Birdie's my mini-me in so many ways - one of which is our taste in TV shows. She's been enjoying Discovery Channel's Shark Week with me, and she loved Syfy's Sharknado 1 & 2,  and Sharktopus vs Pteracuda. Science or science fiction, it's all good to her :)  Monday we watched Discovery's Monster Hammerhead, after which she asked me to make her a shark lunch, with a hammerhead pick. Here she is with it, making a shark face, she says:

The sproutlets loved yesterday's Sharknado cinnamon rolls & wanted me to bake more Sharknado rolls today. Well, I did bake rolls, they're just not cinnamon... they're pizza rolls! And I used the rest of my shark cupcake picks to make them Sharknado Pizza Rolls :)

Baking is not my forte.  I use premade Pillsbury crescent roll dough, roll it out but don't separate it, brush with marinara sauce, sprinkle with cheese, roll up again,  slice, & bake at the temperature & time suggested on the package.

Birdie's shark lunch contains:

I packed Birdie's shark-themed lunch in one of our new Goodbyn Hero lunchboxes. We're loving this addition to the Goodbyn line! It's comes with 2 sizes of leakproof lidded inner containers, & there's even enough room to fit the Goodbyn drink bottle inside :) And there's always room for a Lunchbox Love note Especially one with trivia that goes with the lunch!


Stuff I used to make this lunch:

Birdie & I had fun playing with SyFy's Go Shark Yourself App. She made this pic of herself about to be attacked while sunbathing on our back porch :)


  1. She is such a doll! Love the lunches, and I'm going to have to check out those shows!

  2. Jen L.8/17/2014

    I love your lunches! You are my inspiration! I started out simple (sandwich box and silicone muffin liners) but this year I need to step it up because of increased appetites and needing a better variety of food choices (I'm feeding 3).

    A quick question about your pizza rolls. These look yummy. How do you make these? Do they freeze well for later lunches? I've looked online and found some that were too time consuming, loaded up with way to much stuff (which I know I can adjust) or they were huge! Our Bento boxes aren't that big. Your oizza rolls are exactly what I am looking for. Help!

    1. I'm sorry to say, these were made with storebought Pillsbury crescent roll dough and I doubt they would freeze well. I do have a great cinnamon roll recipe that does freeze well though, I should try and adapt it to a pizza roll - if it works out I will blog it! But the sproutlets love the Pillsbury and always ask for it when we pass the refrierator case and it's so quick & easy I usually say yes. They are only appealing for about 1 day longer than the day they are baked though.

    2. And thank you for the compliments! I love that you've been inspired by my lunches! Feel free to share a pic of yours on my FB page!

  3. Jen L.8/17/2014

    Please do! I aim for homemade but I'm all for convenience when things get crazy. In the meantime, I might give them a try. My son took one look and said "Please make those"! They do look good.

    I've been sitting here most of the day looking back over the last year. I am amazed and very inspired! If I come up with something original, I will share but right now, I'm afraid things would look very familiar to you!

    Thank you again for all the inspiration!


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