Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sweet New Yumbox Panino!

We've got a new Yumbox, the Panino 6th grader Bella's excited about this new Yumbox! It has fewer sections in a different configuration than the Original Yumbox, but they're larger, & more suited to the kinds of lunches she likes. The dip/treat well in the center holds more too. Bella loves the Frutti Blue, it's one of her favourite hues! Here's her first lunch in the Panino:

Bella's Yumbox Panino contains:
  • Heart-shaped peanut butter sandwiches embossed with a love note! I used my cookie message stamp set.
  • Tomato wedges, as requested, with little bento forks that match the Lunchbox Love note I chose; sweets for my sweet  
  • A handful of her Daddy's pistachios, she loves those. 
  • Grapes, with a little purple koala pick in them just for cuteness :)

Stuff used to make this lunch:


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