Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sandwich Spiral Trials

With the exception of Pickle and his penchant for PB, my kids don't really like sandwiches. Or, they think they don't. They've been saying they don't like them for so long, I'm not sure they even know if that's still true or not. Baby Bird will eat a PB sandwich with the crusts cut off, unless she hears one of her siblings say "ew, I don't like peanut butter sandwiches"... and then she will refuse it :(

Things is, they like bread, and they like fruit, and they like peanut butter... just not together (or so they think). I thought maybe if the sandwiches didn't look like sandwiches, they might try them, and realize they do like them. So today I made grape jelly sandwiches that don't look like sandwiches. I flattened the bread, spread a thin layer of jelly, rolled it into a log, sliced it into little cookie shapes, and even presented them in a cute container:

Cute, right? Like little cinnamon rolls!

Feeling quite pleased with my cleverness, I offered them to Bella, Sprout & Baby Bird, and while I expected my finicky girls to be a little apprehensive about something new, I didn't expect outright rejection! You would think I was asking them to eat snails. I coaxed and cajoled, but eventually resorted to bribery, promising a treat of mini marshmallows if they ate just one. With an air of distaste, Bella gingerly placed one in her mouth, chewed it minimally, then gulped it down like it was a pill. Her little sisters watched, and when they saw she didn't fall over dead, followed suit. Having fulfilled their promise, they smiled and shouted: "Marshmallows!"

This crowd is going to be tougher than I thought. Although, Sprout did say, after eating her marshmallows, that she might like the sandwich spirals with peanut butter instead of jelly. Willingness to try them again! It's a start :)


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