Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy Lunchboxes

I got some Easy Lunchboxes for my big girl Bella to take to school. They were pretty inexpensive, $13.95 for the set of 4, so if one doesn't come home for some reason I won't cry. They are the biggest lunch container we have, measuring 6"d x 9½"w x 2"h, but still fit nice and snug in the bottom of her BuiltNY Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote - just. (I'm glad I got her the full size tote, the mini would have been too small!) The largest Easy Lunchbox section measures 5½"x5" and holds 2½ cups, or 20 oz, and the 2 smaller ones measure 3"x3" with a 7oz capacity, and 3x2¼" with a 5oz capacity. More than enough room for an 8 year old's lunch.

My first easyLunchboxes!
This was a test run to see what I could fit in them. Bella doesn't often want a sandwich and we didn't have any lunchbox-worthy leftovers, so I used muffin cups to further divide the entree section. I was able to fit a lot of food - graham crackers, mozzarella, grapes, tomatoes, ham, mandarins & pineapple - she couldn't finish it all! Although, she didn't like the orange & pineapple - they were from a jar, not fresh.

Sailor Boy could probably use these too :)

Like the look of these? Get some! 
And the mini dippers, and the cookbook too!


  1. Why have I not seen your blog before today?? Love! Share with us on my FB wall. Thanks for all your enthusiasm for my lunch boxes :)

  2. I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago - right after I ordered our Easy Lunchboxes actually. Seeing all the fun lunch ideas on your website was one of the things that inspired me :)

  3. I need this one in Costa Rica!!!


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